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Citrus for Process 4.11.24 1020x1020.jpg
Fish 1.11.24 1020x1020 Process sq.jpg
Bread for Process sq 4.11.24 1020x1020.jpg


Photography is my springboard. So although the works here appear to be block prints and lithographs, in fact, they're photographs I've transformed using layers of filters and painting.



I often start with a macro closeup of an organic element, like a slice of fruit or a leaf. Then, using computer filters and digital painting, I alter colors and configurations. My goals are both aesthetic - to create something visually engaging - and conceptual - to transform an image until it becomes a comment on the original.



That led me to PATTERNS, where I started with an image from the natural world, such as a piece of romaine lettuce. I cut out a small square, then treated it as a mosaic. I then arranged the mosaics to create new images that I transformed with filters and digital painting. 


Bali | Morocco | Byzantium



I'm inspired by prints I’ve seen in India, where I’ve lived and worked, but I also use palettes from Sweden, my second home. Other prints are inspired by Byzantine mosaics I saw as a child. Still others are inspired by Indonesian batiks or blooming English gardens. The result is a mix of influences, both cultural and aesthetic.


See the FOOD:

Citrus | Fish | Bread



My first experiments were basic. I started with a photo of an orange slice (CITRUS series, above), changing only colors. But as I experimented more, I began not only re-presenting, but re-conceiving. This led to the FISH series, where I took a closeup of a piece of salmon, then changed it through multiple filters and digital painting until it looked like the sea from which it came. ​ By the time I got to BREAD, I was both abstracting and conceptualizing; a macro-closeup of a shaft of wheat was altered to express how wheat is "woven" into dough, then rises.

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